Mobile features that are easy to include

Phone links

These are quite simple just make a link where the URL that has tel: instead of href://

<a href="tel:8452573710">Call Research Desk</a>

Mobile phones and devices automatically set up any phone number that find a clickable phone link so why do we need this you may ask. Well you have the flexibility to make anything a phone link, text abbreviated phone numbers etc.

In fact on our mobile template we have disabled automatic recognition of phone numbers so no mistakes are made. A meta tag in the header of your page turn this off:

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no" />

Google Maps Links

A Google Maps link that shows your location on Google maps is quite easy. Find an address that works for your location with Google maps. Then select the zoom level you want. Then right click on the Link, link on the right corner of the map and copy the URL. URLs like these are divided into parts by the ampersand – & for a Google link all you need is the part with your addres and the zoom.

Example of simple Google maps link:

Google maps API is a lot of fun you can do so much with it add overlays make custom embedded maps with your overlays etc. I encourage you to try it but we did not use it in our mobile web project.


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