Mobile web design and code considerations

As you probably know already there are a few things to be avoided. Not banned completely just avoided.

Fixed pixel width could cause trouble if you can’t live without a fixed width then make sure it is small and test it in multiple devices. Many web editors set a fixed pixel width on images automatically in that case you will have to watch remove the height and replace width with a percentage width. Images though must have a width set without one they revert to a fixed width original image size.

Tables are not recommended but you can use them the w3c has never provided anything that easily replaces tables. If you have to you can lay part of your page out with a table. You will probably have to set percentage width on the top cells of tables for columns and set a max-width in pixels on the whole table if it is not 100 of your page. Of course the content will have to fit in your page.

Other things to keep in mind

  • People will be clicking on these with a finger and links need to be finger width
  • Keep the home page short so it mostly fits on a single screen
  • Wording needs to keep to a minimum to fit well on a small screen
  • You need to find out what resources that you connect to that offer mobile compatible pages and how to link to them for the mobile content
  • And with databases you will also need to update the pages of your Proxy/Authentication sever pages for the small screen also.

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